Suggest to consider

Suggest to consider .

Ask to show girls, bushes, trees, butterflies, flowers.

Suggest to consider the picture Night see an insert of fig.


Ask to tell, than the first picture differs from the second.

That is not present here?

There are no girls, butterflies.

Joint telling of the fairy tale with a support on subject pictures.

Tell read, and the child ask to expose on process of a plot the image of the necessary character see an insert, fig.

, , , , , , to make the actions described with it and to finish speaking the phrase.

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Only some

Only some He refused flatly to go to Sunday school, and of course, about God the heavy loss was also caused to his concept.

Only some months later the loving parents managed to help Mike to find belief in spiritual truth again.

Such things, with big or smaller extremes, happen when in what the teacher trains, becomes more important than emotional wellbeing of the child.

Emotionality and spirituality not absolutely independent and separate phenomena.

One accurately corresponds and depends on another.

For this reason if parents want to help the child with the spiritual plan, they have to care of its emotional balance at first.

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If they

If they The key moment in this case, as well as always when business concerns your children, is the aspiration to transfer them unconditional love.

If they know that are loved if really feel like darlings all the time, will begin to absorb literally to what you want them to teach.

And then it is very probable that you will achieve the object, that is, teach them to mature behavior to the seventeenyearold I will increase.

Contents More unripe ways of expression of anger Though passive aggression is the worst way of expression of anger, but there are also other its forms which can become a cause of the tragedy for the person and for his family.

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But practically

But practically However, if you milk them more, they will drink willingly it and to put on weight quicker.

In other words, the child not always shouts when he has not enough milk.

On average children are born weighing , kg, and by months their weight reaches kg, i.



But practically the children born with a small weight gain weight quicker, as if seeking to catch up with the larger colleagues.

And the large child can not double the weight by months.

The average child adds about g a month in the first months g a week.

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When the child

When the child Red soft meat will be scratched out, and veins will remain.

The liver can be cooked, its color will not change yet, and then to wipe through a sieve.

To Solita meat to taste.

When the child gets used to the wiped or naskoblenny meat, it can give the meat fried and passed via the meat grinder.

It is better not to use ready forcemeat as in it the parts of meat which were in contact with the meat grinder and with hands of butchers are mixed.

Besides, in ready forcemeat usually there is a lot of fat and veins.

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